1LB Box of Chalk (8 pieces per box)

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American Barbell Weightlifting Chalk provide you with the ideal means to increase your lifting grip and prevent the danger of sweaty palms when you’re under the heavy iron. This dry weight chalk comes in stick form. 8pcs per carton.

Our dry chalk will quickly and effectively absorb hand moisture without leaving a caky consistency on your palms. When you grip the bar, you’ll benefit from an incredibly secure, slip-free grip. Yet, our chalk is not just for weightlifters, it is also an essential tool for rock climbers and gymnasts.

Our chalk consists of the highest-quality magnesium carbonate made.

Chalk provides the friction that you need when performing your heavy lifts. The dryer your hands, the more force friction you will be able to produce, resulting in more reps with more weight. Our premium quality gym chalk also prevents your palms from blisters and tears without the lack of sensory connection that comes with workout gloves.

  • Premium made magnesium carbonate
  • Dry chalk
  • Slip-free grip

1 box=8 pieces