Series IV Urethane Dumbbell Set

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The all new commercial-grade Series 4 dumbbell has a black textured urethane head, easy to read number increments in gray and a high-quality construction -- all at an affordable price point. This dumbbell features a solid steel core, medium-strength hard chrome plated handle, and a high-grade urethane head. A larger radius on the outside and inside edges make this dumbbell comfortable to use in any exercise, specifically when the dumbbell comes in contact with your body.

Our high-grade urethane is super tough and works well in any training environment that is not overly abusive. It is much more durable than a rubber dumbbell. Unlike rubber, urethane will never dry rot and is odorless. This dumbbell is made to withstand controlled training environments for many years and is one of the highest quality offerings on the market today! 

American Barbell inscribed on the inside of the dumbbell head 



5lb-50LB SET (5lb inc, 10 Pairs)

55LB-75LB SET (5lb inc, 5 Pairs)

80LB-100LB SET (5 lb inc, 5 Pairs)

Handle Style: Straight, Medium Knurl

Tensile Strength: 90,000 PSI

Grip Diameter:

5-35LB- 32MM

40-50LB- 35MM

Dumbbell storage rack NOT INCLUDED, can be purchased separately.