Slam Ball

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The American Barbell slam balls are filled with sand to provide an ideal weighting that retains its consistency, predictability, and flight over time. The tire-track shell provides fantastic grip ability. You get a near dead-bounce with these slam balls, making them ideal for intense training.

These slam balls are available in a weight range between 10 and 50 pounds. These slam balls are incredibly durable, being designed for hard and heavy slamming every single day. The versatility of these slam balls allows you to use them for multiple training purposes.

Our slam balls have been put through the wringer in terms of testing on all manner of surfaces. They can handle any punishment you can dish out to them for years to come!

The rubberized exterior shell of the American Barbell slam balls are comfortable to handle, odor-free, and resilient enough to retain their perfectly spherical shape year after year. Each slam ball features a weight label in bold white at its center.

Our slam balls are available in the following weights: 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50LB

  • Rubberized, durable exterior shell
  • Sand-filled for dead bounce (ball will not bouce)
  • Tire-track shell for grip