Classic Kettlebell

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At American Barbell, we set out to make a premium kettlebell by using the highest quality materials available.  A textured finish offers a solid grip and a chip-resistant surface. The large flat base has excellent ground clearance when doing swings and offers perfect stability when stored.  Using solid cast iron ensures superior ergonomics and durability.  Both KG and LB are listed along with color codes for easy identification.

Our kettlebells provide you with an extremely clean, smooth finish. The base has been ground entirely flat, and, unlike lower quality competitor kettlebells, there are no imperfections on the handle that can pinch your skin. The textured coating prevents the kettlebell from rust and damage. The handle provides just the right amount of traction to provide a secure grip without the need for chalk.

  • Textured finish
  • Color coding for easy identification
  • Large flat base
  • Solid cast iron
Weight (KG) Color Handle Diameter (MM):
4KG White 26
6KG Gray 30
8KG Pink  29.5
12KG Blue 32
16KG Yellow 34
20KG Purple 38
24KG Green 38
28KG Gold 39
32KG Red 39
36KG White 39
40KG Blue 39
44KG Gray 39
48KG Yellow 39